Monday, April 4, 2016

Dr. Richard Isaacs - Provides Otolaryngoloic Treatment for Cancer

Dr. Richard Isaacs has been a valuable part of Kaiser Permanente since 1995 and possesses Advanced Certification in Head and Neck Oncologic Surgery, with specialties in orbital, nasal, and maxillofacial surgery, as well as thyroid and parathyroid surgery. His works as a regional resource for the management of advanced tumors of the head and neck and provides the otolaryngologic procedure for tumors at the skull base.

In addition, he is trained in Facial Plastic and Reconstructive surgery and has an interest in post-tumor facial reconstruction and facial reanimation surgery.

But what is this otolarynologic procedure used for head tumors? Let us briefly explain to get a better appreciation of what Dr. Isaacs offers for patients with this kind of problem.

Otolaryngology simply refers to medical attention given to ear, nose and throat conditions. Whereas in the recent past, EENT put all these three together, that is, including the eye, ENT (perhaps, a shorter and simpler way) now only refers to the said vital three organs of the human anatomy, especially because they are connected and related not only in terms of distance to one another but also in their functions.

The nose, probably the most conspicuous among the three, is connected to the ear, as well as to the throat through passageways that allow the air we breathe to be conducted into our body interiors. Although the ear was not specifically designed to serve as a passage for any fluid, whether air or liquid, it does allow air to enter through the ear canal with the help of valves that control the intake or outtake. Hence, every time we cough or sneeze, we can feel some air going out of our ears and even feel a bit slight hearing loss during colds due to some clogging of the passageways. Likewise, when we climb up a mountain, we can experience the same effect when the pressure inside our ears is higher relative to that of the pressure outside. This is easily solved through yawning, which alleviates the discomfort by opening up the ears valves and equalizing the external and internal pressures.

That is a simple description of the three organs as they relate with one another at their optimal level of functioning. But what if something happens to either one of these organs? Or especially, if a tumor grows in any one of them? We know that cancer cells can occur in any part of the human body. For smokers, often the effect of the habit on the throat (not to mention the lungs) is patently tragic as it bears the brunt of the toxins and carcinogens carried by the cigarette smoke.

This is where Dr. Rich Isaacs’ expertise comes in. Removing tumors or cancer cells from the throat, as well as the ears and nose, requires a wide knowledge and experience in otolaryngologic procedures which he has acquired as a top practitioner in the field, among other fields he practices. Knowing how these organs function is a vital part of treating them when they encounter issues in structure, function and general muscular or cellular conditions.

Dr. Isaacs provides a complete range of diagnostic, medical, and surgical services for ear, nose, and throat conditions, particularly cancer. Evaluation, diagnosis and/or direct treatment of these conditions which may include chronic ear infections, hearing loss, sinusitis, tonsillitis, airway problems, cysts, and tumors of the head and neck, comprise some of the problems he and his staff are capable of addressing with their professional and expert care.

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